Truckcenter Apeldoorn

38 years ago initiated by Wil Krommenhoek at the Veenweg in Apeldoorn. With a small team he started under the name Spoorzicht for international trade in used vehicles. Since 2010 the company continued under the name Truck Center Apeldoorn! this year is also his son Sander Krommenhoek at the company, this making it a real family business. Every year they sell about 250 vehicles.

Truckcenter Apeldoorn is a well known name in international trade in used trucks, trailers, machinery and vehicles. We specialize in the purchase of used trucks in Europe. And the sale of the material worldwide. So we have miscellaneous fasting customers on the continents of South America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Truckcenter Apeldoorn is able to arrange transportation from A to Z for the customer. This we do to relieve our customers as possible. Some forms of transportation where we work a lot with is transportation, self-propelled or transport by low loader. We are recognized Rdw which we are able to quickly achieve the required export documents. We are able to make the following documents: EUR1, COC and insurance.

Truckcenter Apeldoorn is located in the city of Apeldoorn, which is centrally located in the Netherlands. We are easily accessible via the A1 and A50, which are the main and exit roads of the Netherlands. From our location it is easy to carry or transport direction miscellaneous countries by road vehicles towards the various ports. If material is to be transported quickly we have our own truck with trailer. This is designed so that we can transport almost all types of equipment.